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Activations provides rapid strategic insight, actionable recommendations, and on-going strategic support through a variety of service offerings:

Outsourced Chief Strategy Officer
Now, you can have a high-impact, Chief Strategy Officer without the cost of employee overhead. Your company receives:

  • “QuickStart Analysis” a baseline strategic summary assessment in month one reviews existing business assets and practices to assess and plan for upcoming challenges and opportunities. Includes comprehensive competitive and market segmentation analyses, as well as research into key strategic customers, market drivers, and product benchmarks.
  • Monthly 1/2 day on-site meeting to review company specific strategic analysis and powerful research into strategic resources, trends and business drivers.
  • Activations is "on-call" for up to 4 hours for strategic research and insights monthly.

Strategic Seminars
Take a day or less to train your staff (or your portfolio companies) on the foundations of strategic planning, trend analysis or other strategic topics as required. Seminars include company specific research and Q&A along with background research materials for ongoing use.

Activations can lead your organization through the TechnoTrending process, developed to define and match your companies’ technology expertise or R&D developments with trends in the emerging marketplace. Previous projects have provided organizations with directions for commercialization of technology 4-6 years ahead of the market, providing adequate time to commercialize and launch products, providing first-to-market advantages.

Project-Based Consulting
Activations provides interim management services to develop and implement an achievable set of milestones, including marketing launch plans, detailed product roadmaps, resource planning, product release requirements, and timelines for implementation. In addition Activations can provide support for investor presentations, spinouts, funding, partnering, channel development, technology integration, licensing, and mergers and acquisitions.

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