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John Kalb has more than 20 years experience in developing business opportunities from emerging trends. His career spans the growth of three distinct marketspaces: technology, performing arts and personal development. His strengths include executive management, tactical operational and technical roles. Mr. Kalb had the unique distinction of starting his career in 1968 at the age of 9, when Ampex Corporation hired him to tour trade shows promoting their new product “one-inch video tape” under the tag line “See how easy it is; even a third grader can do it.” Since then he has combined his love for technology and communications with market foresight to assist many types of clients.

In the late 80’s and early 90’s Mr. Kalb was a visionary multimedia producer, who helped create more than 50 interactive environments, including installations for the National Geographic Society, IBM, and the Smithsonian. He was responsible for demonstrations of the first interactive CD-ROM formats, for SONY, Microsoft and Intel. As Vice President of Publishing at ICOM Simulations in 1991 Mr. Kalb headed up more than 20 software products including Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective, one of the first multimedia CD-ROMs to sell more than 300,000 copies. He then assisted Warner New Media, Creative Labs and Compaq Computers in establishing software-publishing operations.

From 1995-1996, Mr. Kalb was an investment banker with Dakin Securities, leading the entertainment, media and software industry practice. In this role he evaluated companies and participated in mezzanine and IPO rounds of capital formation.
Since 1997 Mr. Kalb has worked with many companies including Arrow Electronics, Omron, SRI, Allbusiness, Rainmaker and Magnify, helping them to evaluate their business assets, identify emerging opportunities and extend their core competencies to new markets.

Mr. Kalb also assists selected performing arts organizations and entrepreneurs in the personal development marketplace in seeing into new markets before the mass market recognizes them. These companies benefit from his visionary perspective and operational experience, helping them grow and position their first-to-market advantages.

Mr. Kalb attended San Francisco State University and has spoken at many industry conferences and events. He lives with his wife Dhyanis and son Jaryd in Mill Valley, California.

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