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About Us

Activations has over 20 years of engagements helping enterprises profit from emerging technology trends. Led by John Kalb, Activations offers strategic insight and tactical execution to executives and companies seeking to differentiate their products and services offerings in markets undergoing accelerated change.

Activations on-going availability minimizes strategic cycles and provides valuable insights to help your organization:

  • Identify the shifts in opportunity created by evolutionary changes in the marketplace.
  • Position your company relative to an evolving market opportunity
  • Understand how marketplace demand and supply is evolving
  • Understand the basis for how competitive differentiation will change over time
  • Continually develop, refine and extend your strategic vision
  • Monitor a wide array of research sources and trends to gain powerful insights
  • Develop concrete action plans
  • Identify and implement new management tools and processes that create value

Activations understands the cycles of emerging technology markets and has been involved in a wide array of emerging Practice Areas as diverse as videotape, multimedia software platforms, consumer software publishing and Internet technologies.

Activations provides Services to Fortune 100 clients, mezzanine stage companies and venture-backed start-ups assisting them to evaluate their strategic business assets, identify emerging opportunities and extend their core competencies to new markets. Activations provides a board-level knowledge worker without employee overhead and benefits.

Activations Clients have reduced the risk and improved the outcome associated with entering, participating in or creating accelerated markets.

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